More about kirby

Besides his main color scheme, there are various other things about Kirby that are very interesting to know. One of these things is his name! During the development, he was referred to as Popopo and the name Kirby would be chosen later, during a reunion between Nintendo executives. Shigeru Miyamoto remembered a case Nintendo has against Universal Studios and how the american lawyer John Kirby helped them win the case. They liked the idea to use Kirby out of his name and so it was decided that Popopo's new forever name would be Kirby!


Another known trait of Kirby is how he can copy abilities of other creatures if he can swallow them, but this was actually not part of the original game! This now famous copy ability started on the game titled Kirby's Dream Land 2, and has since then been a staple in his game series. There's been over 90 abilities for him to copy throughout the series over the years. Even more so, in some games he has been able to combine these abilities to create stronger versions of them. Although most of these come from the Nintendo 64 game, The Crystal Shards, it is still getting developed and he gets many new abilities as time goes on.

Kirby Absorbing for Abilities

He resides in a distant planet called Pop Star. This planet is place canonically in our world, but it is so far away that there is no way that any being from our planet can see it. Inside this planet, Kirby resides in Dream Land, his home that is featured in many of the series. This land is ruled by King Dedede, who is Kirby's rival and part of a redemption arc, in which they eventually come to terms with each other and even work together. Many other creatures reside here too, such as all the monsters you encounter during the adventures and your allies.

King Dedede